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Subject: [MSUNAG] Service for erasing old data tapes


Yeah, this will be a blast from the past.  I’m digging thru an older storage area, looking to remove obsolete items and recycle what I can.  I’ve come across an old box of DDS digital tapes that were used as server backup media over 15 years ago.


Since I don’t have a powerful oscilatting electromagnet lying around that I could use to erase them at rest, does anyone know of a bonded service that will take old data tapes and render them unreadable?


The server and the offsite location where it resided are long gone, and there is no interest in recovering any data from these.  However, I would like to securely erase or otherwise render them unrecoverable, not just dump them in the trash. 


Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much, have a great day.


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