Has this been widely advertised?

Offhand, I have no idea what my users have, in terms of non-b abilities.
What about students?

I apologize if I've been on a distant planet and have succeeded in not
observing signs stating this change.  And, I really don't know how many
devices will have a problem with this.

I understand why, but I question how much notice has been given to the
community at large.  I'm hoping that this is a non-issue.

--STeve Andre'

On 07/15/14 13:12, Lisa Besko wrote:
> Two changes to the MSUnet wireless network are taking place on July 
> 19, 2014. At that time new IP ranges and 
> will be added and 802.11b clients will no longer be supported. Please 
> note, one or both of these changes may require you to take action.
> New IP Address
> IT Services will add new IP ranges to MSUnet 3.0 and MSUnet Guest 3.0 
> on July 19, 2014. The new addresses are for MSUnet 3.0 
> and for MSUnet Guest 3.0. Please update your firewalls 
> accordingly to allow traffic from these ranges if desired. These 
> additions to the wireless network are in part to support the expansion 
> of service in the residence halls.
> 802.11b Wireless Disabled
> After July 19, 2014 IT Services will disable the 802.11b protocol. Any 
> device that relies on this protocol will no longer work. While the 
> number of devices affected are few, IT Services will work with those 
> individuals to find solutions to any problems this change may cause. 
> This protocol is being disabled to improve wireless performance as 
> 802.11b slows down the network campus-wide.
> If you have questions about the upcoming changes to the wireless 
> network, please contact the Support Desk at (517) 432-6200.