We have at least one user in our group with a Mac workstation.  This behavior does not happen to him.  Outlook has some settings that dictate the message format.  On the pc end, you can go to Options, then Mail, scroll to ‘Use Stationary to change default fonts and styles’ and click the button.  You can determine what font is used for new mail and for replies.  On the Mac end, we found that you can dictate the font for new messages, but it doesn’t have a separate setting for replies.  Within the Options, we found a check box under Composing that forces the client to use the same formatting as the original message.


Maybe checking out the settings on the Mac w/ Outlook would help.  You may be running into a combo of those settings.


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From: Lee Duynslager [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
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Subject: [MSUNAG] Outlook Emails going between PC's and Macs Causes Incredibly Small and Unreadable fonts in Reply Text


Has anybody out there noticed a problem with emails between MACS and Pcs where if a user uses Outlook, and a mac user replies to an email from a pc user the original message is sent back under the reply and the text is outrageously small like 6 point.   The same thing happens if the mac user gets the reply his original message the font is downsized so you can’t even see it. 


This doesn’t happen when Mac mail client is the original sender to Outlook on the PC , or Mac Mail is used to make the reply,   so I think the problem is related only to Outlook. 


I’ve looked around on google and see that others have this problem.   Does anybody know of a solution?   I think that plain text would likely work but I don’t think my users would accept that solution. 





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