I forgot to add that I also had Acrobat 11 Pro installed which I uninstalled
after seeing an EBS video that said you cannot have a version of Acrobat
that is newer than the installed version Reader.  After I uninstalled that I
reinstalled Reader.




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Thanks for all the responses.  So far I have tried the following:


                -Added the secportal url to the trusted sites

                -disabled all toolbars

                -reinstalled IE all together

                -made sure all the settings are correct in adobe reader 10

                -added the entry in the windows host file 

                -reinstalled sapgui a couple times

                -reinstalled reader a couple times


UAC is enabled so I will try and disable that.  Also, I haven't tried
messing with any java versions other than the latest 7u17 which I installed
from ninite which does both the 64 and 32bit versions.  I'll also check the
settings in SAPGUI itself.



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I'm not sure what this one helps with (if anything), but I don't believe
anyone has mentioned the 'hosts' file entry detailed here:




Dan Wyrembelski

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EBS maintains these two pages:




I have had good luck here with IE9 and Firefox ESR 17 (extended support
release), both with Java 7.  Where there can be issues is with
DocumentViewer ( <>
Java 7 update 11 broke a large amount of functionality in DocumentViewer
(which is linked to from within EBS, if I remember correctly).  We took
steps to roll back the few people that needed to print documents from that
system to Java 6.  The recommendation at the time was Java 6 update 23, but
I haven't had any issues running Java 6 update 39 during the testing we were
doing a while back.  These systems have since been upgraded to Java 6 update
43 and I haven't gotten any calls about DocumentViewer breaking.  I can't
speak officially about the DocumentViewer folks, but I've heard that an
upgrade is in the works that may remove the Java 6 requirement.  That would
be a nice change, even if it means the requirement becomes Java 7.


More and more, I've been seeing issues where IE8 and Firefox 19 don't work
flawlessly on EBS.  These few cases have been fixed by either IE9 or Firefox
ESR 17.  As far as Adobe Reader X goes, EBS's recommendations are to disable
protected mode.  I haven't needed to do that, but I'm guessing it has to do
with being listed in the Trusted Sites Zone, which
should disable protected mode for just that URL.  SAP GUI 7.30 has been
working rather smoothly, too.  There was one issue that had me stumped, but
apparently that was some kind of back-end issue that ended up being


There's one other EBS recommendation that I took it upon myself to do a
little differently.  IE's compatibility mode is apparently still necessary.
If you enable compatibility mode using the broken page button in IE, that
will enable compatibility mode for *  Instead, I added to Group Policy, so that I wouldn't have to deal with
other MSU web sites getting applied to compatibility mode unnecessarily.  I
also added it to the popup blocker exception list as well.


Perhaps I should summarize the changes I made: compatibility mode, trusted sites, popup blocker
exception trusted sites trusted sites

* popup blocker exception


This works in almost all cases for IE9 users.  The one problem I have had to
deal with on occasion (probably because I haven't taken the time to make a
GPO out of it) is when a workstation doesn't have the default settings for
the trusted sites zone.  Resetting the trusted sites zone to "Medium
(default)" fixes the problem.


As far as UAC goes, it's still turned on.  I don't think there has ever been
a cause for me to disable it outright.


We did have an issue a while back about SAP GUI launching, but doing
nothing.  It turns out that setting "Do not save encrypted pages to disk"
either by policy or locally will break SAP GUI's connection to the browser.


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Did you remember to sacrifice a goat to Hannah under the full moon? 


Seriously though, we've found conflicts depending on the Java version
installed. 7u17 works fine on one of our machines, but another user got a
recommendation to run 6u23 from EBS. Also, do you have UAC on?


Jack Kramer

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On Mar 19, 2013, at 11:05 AM, Bill Park <[log in to unmask]
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Is there a website somewhere that shows exactly what versions of IE, Adobe,
and any other software that is officially compatible with EBS and what
settings need to be enabled/disabled in order for it to work?  I recently
just installed 4 new Dell Optiplex 9010s running Windows 7 Pro x64 with IE9
and Adobe Reader 10 (with the latest updates for version 10) as I was told
that's what users need to have installed.  I was also told the following
settings need to be set in order for things to work:


IE9 (because evidently 10 is not supported)

                -Popup blocker must be disabled

                -Adobe Reader must be the default handler for PDFs

                -Compatibility view should be enabled

                -Zoom must be at 100%


Adobe Reader 10 (because evidently 11 is not supported)

                -Disable "Enable protected mode at startup"

                -"Display PDF in browser" should be enabled


Am I missing something here?  I have set those settings on all of the
computers and there are problems with EBS in some way on all of the
computers.  One of the computers I cannot "generate a pdf form" for a travel
reimbursement coversheet.  One of the other computers trying to bring up the
cost redistribution form does nothing.  SAPGUI launches and then nothing
happens in the browser.  There are more problems but those are some


Does anyone have any advice as to exactly how I need to setup Adobe Reader
and IE in order to get these things to work properly?  Again, these are all
brand new installs of Windows 7 Pro x64 and they're using IE9 (x86) and
Adobe Reader 10.