I’m sure this is an easy answer but it has got me stumped. I’m running 2 DC’s with DNS. I have 1 nic on each machine. In the DNS fields of those nics I have the primary DC as the first IP to go to to resolve IPs. In the second I’ve tried leaving it empty (obviously not correct) and I’ve tried using the MSU IP’s listed in the network values on http://network.msu.edu/netinfo/netvalues.html  When I run a “Scan This Role” I get errors that say “DNS: The DNS server (IP address) on Local Area Connection must resolve Global Catalog resource records for the domain controller” and a slew of other errors. I’m also getting warnings that say “DNS: Root hint server (IP address) must respond to NS queries for the root zone.

Obviously I’m not a DNS guy but I’ve tried everything I know to do, and a ton of research and I’m no closer to getting this issue resolved. Everyone still has internet access, including my servers but I don’t like having warnings and errors in my logs. If there is a DNS guru out there that would like to help a noob out please let me know.




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