Good morning.  I am well aware of which version of "web client" that you are using as I was the person who installed it on the server.  The "web client" is not the same as the GroupWise client.
As I understand it, GroupWise 8 supports the features you are talking about.  You should see these features on your desktop by the end of the year, if not before.
>  am merely trying to point out that it isn't all wine and  roses.
What solution is?  It is a matter of looking at what is available, reviewing all of the features each solution possesses, and choosing the best at the time.

>>> Ray Hernandez <[log in to unmask]> 2/28/2008 7:11 AM >>>

In all fairness, I don't think you read my email fully. I _am_ using 
the GW 7 web client. That is the latest client available to me, and 
as far as I can tell the latest version your dept has rolled out. 
While iCal support is nice, it is not CalDav. From my perspective, 
iCal is a file format spec and CalDav is a server protocol. GW does 
not seem to support CalDav, until maybe version 8 or 9.

This is where I am locked into using the GW client. I can't use any 
other client to alter/view my GW calendar. I can use the GW web 
client to do so, but I prefer using something else. The argument that 
it is going to have X feature "in the next version" doesn't really 
help me today. If every user on campus started holding their breath 
for things to be fixed/added in the next version of any software, 
we'd start having a lot of people passing out at their desks.

I'm not trying to knock GW at all, I think it is a great piece of 
software. I am merely trying to point out that it isn't all wine and 

On Feb 27, 2008, at 5:31 PM, John Evans wrote:

> Ray,
> Your assessment is not entirely fair.  The older version of the 
> client that you are using had very limited support for iCal.  The 
> version of GroupWise that we have on our servers (and the client on 
> our department's desktop) provides full iCal support.  
> Additionally, in the near future, you will be able to publish and 
> subscribe calendars (including your own personal calendars) along 
> with free/busy information.
> And NO, you are NOT "locked" into using the GroupWise client in 
> order to use your GroupWise account.  Other clients will work just 
> fine.  Our department supports only the use of the GroupWise client 
> because of support issues; that doesn't mean that other clients 
> will not work with GroupWise.
> For years, Novell has been providing products that adhere to open 
> standards and operate on multiple platforms.  For instance, Novell 
> GroupWise can operate on Linux and Windows servers as well as 
> NetWare servers.  How many other email solutions do?  Novell 
> products should at least be considered when investigating solutions 
> no matter what environment(s) you manage.
> ...John
> (Scott - our Breslin server has been online for over 354 days and 
> the Kellogg server for a mere 218 days.)
> >>> Ray Hernandez <[log in to unmask]> 2/27/2008 4:02 PM >>>
> As a Groupwise(GW) user, I think it is just OK. Groupwise doesn't
> seem to support caldav. This is annoying to me because the biggest
> thing I use GW for is email and calendaring. It locks me into using
> the GW client.
> While the GW web client is, to me, preferable to using the desktop
> client. I find it lacking in customization. If we are serious about
> adhering to open standards, as I think we should, I don't see that GW
> offers us much more than Outlook/Exchange.
> I don't think GW is a bad piece of software, but it could be better.
> --Ray
> On Feb 27, 2008, at 3:45 PM, Scott Foreman wrote:
> > I missed this post ... I couldn't agree with Don more, GroupWise
> > has been the most stable, scalable email platform I could ever want
> > to administer. Run on SLES or OES2 makes it all the better. One of
> > our Novell servers has been up for over 200 days, the last time we
> > patched and rebooted was for the daylight savings update in October
> > or November. I also heard at a conference that if you pay for SLES
> > maintenance through Novell that you could install and run GroupWise
> > for free but this probably works differently since we have a site
> > license. The GroupWise 7.x web interface is very robust and easy to
> > use, also includes calendaring.
> >