To:  All Volunteeres for ACNS Wireless Test on Thursday, February 7th , 2008 

1) If you intend to participate in the test, and have not yet RSVPed, 
please do so.  We really need to have 100 or so testers in order to 
adequately measure performance of the wireless systems. 

2) We will conduct several separate tests during the allotted time.  One of 
the tests uses a Java applet to measure your actual broadband performance. 
This requires that your computer have a Java virtual machine installed. 

In order to avoid delay during our brief testing time, please be sure you 
have a Java VM installed prior to the test.  To install Java, simply visit and follow the simple instructions.
Once you have installed the Java virtual machine, please visit  .  The test applet will load 
automatically.  Note that you will need to run as a user with Administrator 
privileges in order to install Java and the applet.  Note also that Windows 
Vista will issue a few warnings asking for your permission during the applet 

Please run the test at least once in your environment so we donít spend 
time debugging installation issues during our testing period. 
Just a reminder, the test will take place at Computer Center Auditorium 
(on the fourth floor in room 402) on Thursday, February 7th , 2008, from 8:30 to 
10:00 AM.  Donuts, pastries, coffee, and juice will be served! 
Thank you for your assistance in conducting this important test. 

Lih-Er Wey
Wireless Project Coordinator
Network Management
Academic Computing & Network Services
Michigan State University