I have had to do research on that last year and found out that my hands down favorite surf control was bought by Websense a product we use here in AIS.

I have found many products prior to being employed here at MSU and I have found one product that was as impressive as anything I have used and seen to date as far as a separate appliance.  It is called IPRISM by St. Bernard.


There are four units to choose from and they are rack mountable from 2u to a mini 1u, We get very good pricing since we are education and I would like to point out that it is very configurable for your filtering and monitoring.  Here is my contacts email if you want to get more specific information.


Donal Pugh [[log in to unmask]]


Otherwise that a solution that you could implement would be a small server that has ISA 2004 or newer installed and you can have all the benefits and controls you need to keep your network healthy.


have a good day.


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Has anyone on this list has deployed web/content filtering for workstations involved with business operations, at a router level?


We are looking for something that will block p2p, streaming audio, allow white listing of various web sites, etc. So far from what I’ve seen WebSense seems to be the best bet, as it can plug-in to our existing Cisco PIX that sits at the edge of our network, and can utilize our active directory groups for policies, etc.




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