Well... I'll pick that nit.  
HP is a leader in plotters for computers, but it isn't even close to a
world leader in wide format printers. Those leaders have names like
Mutoh, Roland and Agfa. Some of the small capacity units will roll out
photo quality glossy prints 48 inches wide by as long as the roll of
paper in one smooth printing process - not line by line. Engineering
drawings output at 150 feet per minute. The medium sized ones use five
gallon buckets of "ink". The larger ones pull black pigment fluid from
55 gallon drums. 

Now, what was it Mr. Carter wanted to print?  ;-)

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In my opinion, HP is the leader in plotters and would always go for HP. 
That being said, is just a matter of how much you want/can spend.

Thomas P. Carter wrote:
> Ray,
> We have an HP Designjet 1055cm plus (36") plotter and like it, BUT it
> uses dye-based inks that fade fairly rapidly (1-2 months) when
> "unprotected" (not either laminated or in a case with UV-blocking
> glazing). The newer models (the "Z series" plotters) use (I think)
> pigmented inks that are far more fade-resistant.
> I also look for Postscript-capable plotters when I buy. I find them
> flexible and general (can use with un*x PS driver, e.g).
> I got an email from HP today about some specials they're having on
> plotters right now which I'll forward you, but also look here:
> pid=re_R2515_SMBportal/smProdCat/IPG/promo/LargeFormat/SpecialsPage 
> Thomas P. Carter, Ph.D.
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> My dept. is looking to replace their now discontinued HP Designjet  
> 800 color plotter. I don't know enough about plotters to know this,  
> but I am looking for a suggested replacement model.
> Anyone who knows about plotters have a suggestion? Or does anyone  
> know of a good resource that I could look at?
> --Ray

Oscar Castaneda
Michigan State University