I don't know about a pipe ("|"), but one can map to a hidden network shares are denoted by appending a dollar sign to the name of the share. For example, if you're asked to map to a hidden share called "schools" on a server called "district" (let's assume you've been granted access to the share), you'd map a drive to 


"schools$" denotes the share is hidden. Might this be what you're looking for?

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Hey, this is Stephen Scouten formerly of H&FS Systems Office. 

I have two questions for the group. 

1. What is the format for referencing a drive mapped HTML file in internet 
explorer?  I am editing a group policy and it will not accept 
When I was at H&FS I seem to vaguely remember using a "|" symbol to declare 
a mapped drive.  Can anyone illuminate me on this? 

2. I am looking for a nVidia GoForce2 driver for a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop 
that works with XP.  The driver from Dell & Microsoft only uses the full 
screen when set to 1420x1024 or something like that.  When your reduce the 
screen resolution to 800x600, the screen shrinks to a 1/3 the size of the 
whole screen.  I got these donated to me and I want to deploy them with some 
of our handicapped/wheel chair bound students... 


Stephen Scouten, Tech. Guy
Columbia School District
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