Adding to that: 

It's generally a good idea to place "GPO Related Stuff" on the NetLogon 
share, e.g. \\\NETLOGON. This way: 

1. It gets replicated across your domain controllers
2. It's not hard-coded to a specific server (think of editing all of your 
GPOs when XYZ server reaches EOL)
3. The client picks the location of said files from %logonserver%. 

I also find it useful to create separate folders therein for "computer" vs. 
"user" GPO items. This way it can be restricted per Domain Computers and 
Authenticated Users, respectively. Hence: 

\\\NETLOGON\Group Policy\User
\\\NETLOGON\Group Policy\Computer 

...meets most needs. 

Maybe if you have a specific example you could extrapolate on it and get 
refined feedback. 


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Group policies tend to only like FQDN paths, 
\\servername\sharename\file.html , and not references to mapped drives.
Plus, it is best practice to use FQDN, as mapped drives can disappear or be 
different letters on different machines. 

As for the laptop, there is usually a bios setting for stretching the 

Good Luck, 

Travis Cousineau