On Feb 28, 2008, at 9:03 AM, John Evans wrote:
> Good morning.  I am well aware of which version of "web client"  
> that you are using as I was the person who installed it on the  
> server.  The "web client" is not the same as the GroupWise client.
> As I understand it, GroupWise 8 supports the features you are  
> talking about.  You should see these features on your desktop by  
> the end of the year, if not before.
> >  am merely trying to point out that it isn't all wine and  roses.
> What solution is?  It is a matter of looking at what is available,  
> reviewing all of the features each solution possesses, and choosing  
> the best at the time.
> ...John


The whole point of my original message is that I *DON'T* want to use  
the Groupwise client. I want to use something else. I want to use  
something different to add/remove appointments on my calendar.

Your previous message mentioned that I am not locked into the GW  
client, but I am. I cannot use something else to manage my calendar.  
I have to use the GW client. I can use something else to manage my  
email, but not my calendar.

My original message was merely to offer my opinion of the Groupwise  
lovefest that was going on. No solution is perfect, but adhering to  
open standards, something GW does not do fully, helps me find/make/ 
create/invent/dream up/hack together something that is perfect for me.

End the lockout! Shake off the chains of closed standard oppression! :-)