As a Groupwise(GW) user, I think it is just OK. Groupwise doesn't  
seem to support caldav. This is annoying to me because the biggest  
thing I use GW for is email and calendaring. It locks me into using  
the GW client.

While the GW web client is, to me, preferable to using the desktop  
client. I find it lacking in customization. If we are serious about  
adhering to open standards, as I think we should, I don't see that GW  
offers us much more than Outlook/Exchange.

I don't think GW is a bad piece of software, but it could be better.

On Feb 27, 2008, at 3:45 PM, Scott Foreman wrote:

> I missed this post ... I couldn't agree with Don more, GroupWise  
> has been the most stable, scalable email platform I could ever want  
> to administer. Run on SLES or OES2 makes it all the better. One of  
> our Novell servers has been up for over 200 days, the last time we  
> patched and rebooted was for the daylight savings update in October  
> or November. I also heard at a conference that if you pay for SLES  
> maintenance through Novell that you could install and run GroupWise  
> for free but this probably works differently since we have a site  
> license. The GroupWise 7.x web interface is very robust and easy to  
> use, also includes calendaring.