Ron Rivard (the Computer Store manager) will check with Comcast who produced
the ad to make a change when the ad is updated. The processor statement was
mentioned for a brief second as the sparty mascot was thinking about what he
needed when he went to purchase a computer" (i.e. mmm "what do I need"? "how
much memory?", "how much processor"?). 
I was very impressed with the quality of the ad that was produced by
Comcast. They were able to target specific shows and times that matched the
demographics we desired at a reasonable price.
/Scott Thomas

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Has anyone else seen the television ads for the MSU Computer Store running
on local cable channels, such as Comedy Central, for the last six months or
so? If so, did you catch the part that promises "2 megahertz of processing
power"? Shades of 1980! 

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