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Found out about Filezilla (http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/) when AIS changed AISFTP access and got rid of the secure id’s and went to SFTP. When they did this they promoted Filezilla as a free SFTP connectivity tool, can’t say that I have any complaints at this point… my primary FTP app for years has always been FTP Voyager though. Not free however.


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Yes, I know, an odd question for 2006....


Internet Explorer had a nice FTP client that provided moves to/from local disk to remote FTP site using icons as if local.  It appears that Microsoft has broken this in IE 7.  I've been unable to get it to log into servers, and there's talk on the Net that the function is broken.


So I'm looking for an alternative.  WS-FTP LE is no longer available.  Firefox has an add-in called FireFTP that's pretty good but has shortcomings.


Is there a free graphical Windows FTP client you suggest?



I like Filezilla as well and now afs.msu.edu offers secure file access to your afs space.
Use ftp over ssl (explicit encryption) or ftp over tls (explicit encryption).
Heres an article in MSU's techbase :
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