I've used both the NeatSuite product, the Client/Server/Messaging and
the personal protection, all are great.  If your looking to cover just
a few computers, say under 20, I'd go wtih the Client/Server for SMB. 
If you need larger then that, go with the NeatSuite product.

I've dealt with Patricia Wallace from Capricorn Diversified Systems,
Inc. (Office: 248-426-0000, Fax: 248-426-9922, Email:
[log in to unmask]) on my license renewals and purchased
directly from the TrendMicro web site as the MSU Computer Store hasn't
been helpful in the past to get better pricing.  I've not asked
Patricia about educational pricing as I was only dealing with renewals
at the time.  I'd contact her for specifics on that.

The software was very easy to setup.  You can deply to clients via
http or logon script.  The central server updates on a set pattern and
pushes that to the clients.  The Exchange component for scanning does
a fantastic job.  My only item I "wish" they included was something
more robust for spyware.

Hope that helps!



On 6/29/05, Scott Foreman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Do you use the Suite? I am looking at new AV Protection also but am not
> getting a good price from McAfee. Norton is out of the question.
> Thanks,
> Scott Foreman

Troy D Murray