I think that XP comes licensed for up to two processors; Server
2000/2003 are licensed for up to quad processors. I don't know how
they'll count multicore machines, but I recon they won't care whether
it's in two chips or one; dual-processors will be counted as two either

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I've been reading a lot about how nice multicore processors are for
apps on desktops and how nice they will be for servers.  Microsoft
came out and said they would allow single-processor licenses to operate
across multiple processor cores.  Seems like someone could get a lot of
from a P4 Extreme Edition with HT (4 quasi-parallel units) by creating a
cheap workgroup/Web server out of it.  I know Intel and AMD are/will be
releasing server versions of their multicore CPUs, but have consistently
found reliable servers using desktop processors to be far less
Since my program's needs aren't huge but would definitely take advantage
parallel processing, cheap is good - has anyone else investigated this
angle?  Companies probably won't be selling this type of machine for a
months, but it just sounds like a big win for the small fry server


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