The other day, I came across a slashdot article of all things about the 
Symantec/Veritas merger.  A lot of comments inside seemed to complain 
about Symantec Antivirus quality, as in having problems in keeping 
viruses out, and it not picking up everything it should.  That started 
me thinking, and then I realized that I did have some issues with 
Symantec Antivirus.  For one, all of my machines are centrally managed 
through they Symantec system console, which doesn't work as well as it 
could, but the important part is that all the machines do have updated 
signatures.  However, a virus, backdoor.hackdefender seems to be making 
its rounds on some of my systems, despite being fully patched with the 
windows firewall turned on, and being protected by SAV.  One one of my 
machines, this same virus is detected upon each bootup by the filesystem 
realtime protection, however, a full scan of the machine reveals 
nothing.  Again, this machine is fully patched and firewalled.

As another test, I did a scan on some archived backup materials from a 
few years ago, and SAV did not find as nearly as many issues as the 
Trend Micro online scanner did. 

I'm starting to think that SAV may not be ideal.

So, I'd like to know what others are using for their Anti Virus 
products, and their sucess with them, and if possible, how much you are 
paying.  Also, what are you using for firewall products, if any.  And 
lastly, I'd welcome any comments on what others are doing to protect 
their systems, such as any firewall solutions, etc, especially related 
to servers (Windows Servers primarily).

Peter Murray
James Madison