Here's an odd sort of question.

What is the best way to handle licensing and activation for windows XP 

Specifically.  Last year, when we added new machines to our rotation, I 
formatted one, used the XP disc that came with the machine, ghosted to 
the machines in the group.  I had to activate each and every one of 
them, and use the key glued to the side of the CPU.  Not too 
convenient.  As an aside, I've found Acronis Trueimage a much better 
program than Ghost.

I ordered Dell Dimension 4600s last time.  Before you say that I should 
be using Optiplex line, I inherited a bunch of Dimensions and have been 
happy and didn't really want to switch. (Unless the Optiplex line comes 
with volume keys).

So, is there a way to order these machines with volume keys so I don't 
have to type in individual serial #'s each time?  (without raising the 
cost).  Is it legal to get a volume key copy from the computer store and 
use the volume copy of XP for my ghosting (probably not?)?  Do I just 
have to deal with it?  Is there something I could be doing better?