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"MSU NetID passwords were exposed; some customers need to reset passwords".
4/28/04, 12:50pm update:
An additional group of individuals that had passwords exposed have been identified. These individuals were ones that used the service from off-campus service providers. Identifying and matching up these individuals was a longer process due to the nature of the off-campus connection. These individuals are being notified at this time and will have until 8am on 4/29/04 to reset their password or it will be disabled. Text of this email is available at for verification. The wording of the email that was sent to customers was being modified slightly to increase the chance that customers will believe it is a valid message from MSU and not discard it.

Resetting passwords of disabled accounts:
For this event, the Help Desk staff (517-432-6200) has the ability to provide PIN numbers (required to reset disabled passwords) to any faculty or staff member that has had their account disabled after their identify can be confirmed. Students who no longer remember their PIN can click on "request my pin" at" for information on obtaining their PIN.
Scott G. Thomas
Division Mgr, Client Services
Academic Computing & Network Services
408A Computer Center
Michigan State University
517-355-4500 x142