There is a link for a faculty and staff pin request that gives the options to pick up your PIN at the computer center within 4 hours of the request, during business hours.
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Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 1:08 PM
Subject: [MSUNAG] Faculty PAN/PINs

Hi There;


I’ve got a problem here with faculty members who have been with the University so long that we have no idea what their PIN numbers are. I’d like to avoid having these people offline while their PIN letter is being generated and sent to them via campus mail.


Do we have any more immediate way for these people to reset their passwords? Many of them were not in their offices this morning, and won’t know anything has happened until it is too late to use the ‘Change my password’ option. They’ll be forced to use ‘forgot my password’ which requires the PIN.


This is a real problem for faculty, since the end of the semester is a critical time for email correspondence with students, and they are going to be outraged if they have to wait for their PIN in snail mail.


If there’s any way we can make an exception to the PAN/PIN thing, or any way we can get them more quickly, can someone please share it?





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