The 64 megs storage on can easily hold 10,000 messages if there are few attachments or only small attachments.  If she could manage her messages with attachments differently (moving them fairly promptly to local mailboxes on one or more of her computers) it might be workable.  If she gets 200 messages per week that she has to keep available, that could allow for up to a year's worth of mail.  If there is a significant quantity of attachments that absolutely have to be online, this would cut way back on the total number of messages that could be kept.  Of course, she can rent more storage on, at a price.

Accessing a mailbox containing a huge number of messages via IMAP does require a lot of extra "overhead" communication between the client and server, which would slow things down some.  This would be most noticeable over a modem.

Of course she still wouldn't have access to all of her Sent messages from every computer.

Is this the more-and-more common situation that Google's Gmail is being set up to address (1 gigabyte of storage per user)?

At 03:55 PM 4/7/2004, Rachel Rumsey wrote:
>I am looking for some advice as to what would be the best solution for a user.
>The user needs to access her email from 3 different machines.
>She would like to be able to see all her emails at all locations.
>The main problem is that she gets a tremendous amount of email ( not just junk! )
>I am afraid that if I set up her email client to use IMAP, she would fill her mailbox up quickly.
>Can anyone suggest a better solution?
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