We have had a number of Windows 2000 machines experience booting problems after applying the 835732 patch described in bulletin MS04-011.  Has anyone else been seeing these?

Microsoft has now admitted these problems, which you can read about at, or,1759,1578728,00.asp
From their statement and our experience, it appears that Windows 2000 is the only version affected by the bug in the patch.

We just uninstalled this patch from one computer on Wednesday, and verified that the problem went away, but now I see that there is a worm actively exploiting the vulnerability:,1759,1573825,00.asp

We have also had some reports of odd symptoms on a few machines that could indicate they have already been hit by the worm in question, but we haven't been able to fully investigate them yet.  So, we seem to have the choice of telling users they have to live with the booting problems for now, or removing the patch and taking the chance of an intrusion.  Not much choice there.

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