We've worked with the Study Abroad program to urge students who will
be out of the country during spring semester to go ahead and upgrade
from Pilot to BEFORE they leave the country.  Since we're
scheduling the Pilot shutdown for March, students would be well
advised to upgrade before their departure, and make sure that any
client issues are resolved.  Example: if you are using an older
version of Eudora that doesn't support SSL, you need to upgrade your
client and verify it's working.

While it should be technically feasible to upgrade from any location
with good Internet access, some places overseas may lack high-speed
connections for client downloads.  Also in general it's nice to
make changes when you are close to the help desk.

This same logic applies to faculty who will be on sabbatical during
spring, staff who will be on leave, etc.  Computer support staff may
want to send a similar message to faculty and staff in their colleges
and departments.