We love our NAVCE, too. The trouble is, I only need a few more licenses, for
a few new PCs we are purchasing. The Computer Store does not sell them in
packages of less than 25.

I emailed them about this a couple of weeks ago, and have not had an answer
yet. I assume they are looking into it.

Also,  I've got NAVCE 7.6 on my server, and the only licenses available are
for version 8.1. Our network licensing for 7.6 doesn't expire until June, so
I'm going to have a very hard time justifying an immediate upgrade. Does
anyone know if these new clients will work with the old NAVCE parent


Wendy Tate
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Subject: Re: what anti-virus software?

When MSU negotiated the contract with Symantec our department made the
move TO NAV CE.

Prior to that we had been using McAfee.  The entire McAfee experience
was a nightmare.  Where McAfee had been a nightmare, NAV has been a
world of dreams (good ones).  I would pay 2-3 times as much (per license
or whatever) to continue using NAV CE.  If anyone is further interested
in the list of issues I had w/ McAfee e-mail me individually, but to
list them all here would waste a page.

To students McAfee is currently being offered for $10 for 2 years and I
have been unable to find any links to any Symantec deal being offered.
So I assume that you are correct that MSU has negotiated a contract with
McAfee and discontinued the one with Symantec.

However, at MSU Computer Store Site NAV volume licenses (not site
licenses) are still listed @ $19/comp for 25-100 or $17/comp for 100+.
This is still a big jump from $3/comp of last year but it is below the
$37.80/comp and $34.40/comp prices listed at Symantec's site.  So it
seems it is still available through the computer store for a lesser
price; unless the page is outdated.

As usual, this is just my humble opinion.  I replied "To All" so maybe I
can hear some other people's experiences.  Feel free to cc me on any
replies to John.

Joseph M. Deming
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Subject: what anti-virus software?

Has there been a move away from Symantec NAV Corporate on
departmentally-managed systems?

I'm running Symantec System Center for about 30 licensed computers and
was planning to make the server available for more, but see that it's no
longer possible to get NAV Corporate through the computer store.   The
price of buying it directly from Symantec is pretty high now, as is the
cost of license upgrades.

Joe Budzyn's site says MSU has negotiated a contract for McAfee;
however, the links to information about it on his site are broken and
the computer store doesn't have any information about it, either.

We recently bought a license for NAV for our mail server (allowing users
the choice of opting in or else going somewhere else for mail service)
but I don't see any particular reason for desktop computers to use NAV
just because the mail server does.  The ability to see from a console
what sort of viruses have been caught on other computers is handy, but
it's not crucial.   So maybe it's time to think about using something
else.   Any thoughts?

I'm not so much asking what anti-virus software is best as whether there
is a product that makes department-level management easy.    There are
about 30 desktop computers in a locked-down configuration that I manage
fairly tightly.  The rest of the computers down here are the usual
university-type chaos, where people do with them what they feel like

(On my home computer I don't run ANY antivirus software and have never
gotten infected.   I probably have some sort of personality disorder
that accounts for my complete lack of curiosity as to what's in all
those .exe files and other attachments.   I've been able to transmit
that disorder to other family members, but not to the folks at work.)

John Gorentz
W.K. Kellogg Biological Station