We have been using Ghost for years to clone Windows master-setup images
onto other identical hardware.  In the last month we've started to run into
a problem we haven't seen before, and I'm hoping someone can shed some
light on this.

When we put one of our master images onto a new machine, we use Ghost
Walker to change the SID.  We do not use SYSPREP.  This used to work fine,
with no glitches.  Now after we run Ghost Walker and then restart Windows
and log on as administrator, Windows seems to lose track of the profile for
the administrator and creates a new one (C:\Documents and
Settings\administrator.computername).  Similarly, when we log on as a
domain user that already has a profile on that computer, it creates a new
profile (C:\Documents and Settings\domainuser.domain) instead of using the
existing one.

We've tried all sorts of different sequences and ways of changing the SID,
changing the computer name, changing domain membership, etc., and we cannot
get it to not create a new profile.  This has happened with two different
Windows XP images now, even though we know that we have successfully used
one of those exact images previously on identical hardware without getting
the extra profiles.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to  avoid it?  Thanks.

Chris Wolf                    Computer Service Manager
Agricultural Economics        [log in to unmask]
Michigan State University     517 353-5017