I am setting up a user/password ftp server to give my full-time department
employees home access to our server to transfer larger files to and from work
which pilot can't handle.  I am setting up bulletproof FTP since it has a
straightforward interface and a very flexible set of options.  I am not
allowing anonymous access.  So I want to be as strict as possible when setting
up NTFS file permissions.  I don't want to allow "everyone" permissions to
read/write into all selected folders to which my select few employees need
access which brings me to my question(s):

1)  When a user accesses our web pages he/she is logged on locally as
IUSR_servername.  When a user accesses our FTP I assume he/she must also be
logged on locally.  Under which account is this user logged on?

2)  Would this change if a user FTP's in from a computer logged into our

3)  If it is the same IUSR_servername account for both HTTP and FTP can I
separate these two types of logons any way?

Extra credit)  My FTP site only works using an official FTP client, for my
employees sake it would be easier to let them use the internet explorer user
interface since it is so familiar, but I can't seem to get the IE browser to
work correctly typing in "ftp://..." in the address bar.  I assume this is our
firewall blocking all but 3-4 ports to non-intranet computers, and/or the msu
gateway, and/or the high port that I am using as an additional security
measure?  Any ideas?

Thanks and sorry if there are any awful fragments of sentences, the pilot text
editor is very buggy.

Joe Deming
MSU Travel & Tourism Dept.