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Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2024 1:07 PM
Subject: FW: Technician posting for 2024

Hi all,

We’re looking for our usual crop of ~10 new seasonal workers for this coming summer and fall.  Undergrads who’ll finish this spring are ideal, but we’re also interested in those who'll have to head back to school in August too.  Position announcement is attached and also found at the link below.  Please share with your undergrads and even with any grad students who might be finishing up soon too.  We’ll have most of the positions here at IRBS in Havana, but also several in a couple of other satellite offices in Starved Rock and Yorkville IL too.


Jason DeBoer, PhD
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Illinois River Biological Station
Illinois Natural History Survey
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Subject: Technician posting for 2024


The posting for new technicians based in Havana went out yesterday and it should be on the usual job boards very soon (if not already).  Those are:  AFS, TX A&M, and Conservation Job Board.  Amber H is also going to request it go on INHS social media pages.  It is attached and it is also on the PRI job board:<;!!HXCxUKc!27bVFmLwqjNSwowqyWAM1OrUB1yBiHT3JOI9CVrTArxs4zaoPl5yldH2bimGHrigzi9Xy_1J8kcjtUN90nNw$>

Please share far and wide with anyone you think may be interested and through your own personal contacts.  I will send to Colombo at EIU, Tih fen Ting at UIS, Garvey/Whitledge at SIUC, Wilcoxen at Milikin, Matt Altenritter at SUNY Brockport, Suski at UIUC and Neal Jackson/UMRCC.

Andrew Mathis is also posting soon, so if you share far and wide you could also mention there are multiple opportunities at multiple locations.