From: Jonathon D. Cepek <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Thursday, January 18, 2024 at 10:32 AM
Subject: Cleveland Metroparks seasonal Wildlife Research Technician position
Good afternoon,

I am hiring a seasonal Wildlife Research Technician this year. This tech will be involved in various wildlife monitoring and possibly assisting with our camera project and processing camera images using the Timelapse program. They will also have opportunities for exposure to other Natural Resources work.

I am not yet sure if we can provide housing this year but it may be an option.

I am also hiring a long-term, part time position to primarily oversee our wildlife camera monitoring including management of wildlife volunteers. This position will definitely involve some image processing and also eventually coordinating other wildlife volunteers surveys and projects.  This position wont be a good fit for students looking for summer work but thought I would share in case it fits any former students or recent graduates looking for part time, long term work in the area or experience for a couple of years.

I have pasted the job links below. Employment information can also be found here<;!!HXCxUKc!y_QoLjWvdmg_rp85xn8kT6O0sO-g1BNO2ktzQtk72cxMvarQxkzgrjRccgjYv2YA2X_N2xOgQ9RzJsafhA1AZg$>

Please share with wildlife students who may be interested.

Thank you,

Jon Cepek

Wildlife Seasonal<;!!HXCxUKc!y_QoLjWvdmg_rp85xn8kT6O0sO-g1BNO2ktzQtk72cxMvarQxkzgrjRccgjYv2YA2X_N2xOgQ9RzJsYlC7DN_w$>
Wildlife Research Technician in Strongsville, OH<;!!HXCxUKc!y_QoLjWvdmg_rp85xn8kT6O0sO-g1BNO2ktzQtk72cxMvarQxkzgrjRccgjYv2YA2X_N2xOgQ9RzJsYlC7DN_w$>
Wildlife Variable position<**A__;Iy8!!HXCxUKc!y_QoLjWvdmg_rp85xn8kT6O0sO-g1BNO2ktzQtk72cxMvarQxkzgrjRccgjYv2YA2X_N2xOgQ9RzJsahoLVw2Q$>

[]Jonathon D. Cepek
Wildlife Ecologist

216-739-6047 (office)<;!!HXCxUKc!y_QoLjWvdmg_rp85xn8kT6O0sO-g1BNO2ktzQtk72cxMvarQxkzgrjRccgjYv2YA2X_N2xOgQ9RzJsaDvdXhhQ$>