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Call for Book Chapters

“Immigration and Social Justice”

Editors-in-Chief: Prof. Gideon Markman and Prof. Dilek Zamantili Nayir

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing

Immigration and migration have always been part of the human experience.
People have been migrating across countries in a quest of a safer life,
more abundant resources, and better opportunities since the beginning of
human history. However, whereas human migration has taken several shapes
and forms throughout history, this mobility has lead to various issues,
both positive and negative. *In our multi-volume book series on
“Immigration and Social Justice”* we want to shed light on the numerous
dimensions of the migration phenomenon. For instance, we wish to look at
the negative aspects of migration, such as the exploitation, human rights
abuses, and unfavorable working circumstances experienced by vulnerable
migrant workers who are frequently illegal or employed in low-skilled
positions. We also hope to attract perspectives that elucidate the burden
that immigrants impose on local communities. On a more optimistic side, we
want to understand, how migrant entrepreneurs contribute to established
industries and markets; or how different leadership philosophies—such as
authoritarian or participative leadership—may affect migrant groups'
inclusion and integration in the workforce.

To offer examples, we seek chapters on (but not limited to) the following

*Access to Justice for Migrants:*

How can legal systems be optimized to ensure fair and timely access to
justice for migrants, considering the complexities of immigration laws and
the diverse needs of migrant populations?

*Ethical Implications of Migration Policies:*

What are the ethical considerations and moral responsibilities associated
with formulating and implementing migration policies, especially in cases
where such policies may disproportionately affect vulnerable migrant groups?

*Human Rights and Migration:*

In what ways do international human rights frameworks effectively safeguard
the rights and dignity of migrants, and how can these frameworks be
strengthened to address emerging challenges in the global migration

*Social Justice and Integration:*

How can host societies foster social justice in the integration process,
ensuring that migrants have equal opportunities for education, employment,
and social participation, while also preserving cultural diversity?

*Gender and Migration Justice:*

What are the gender-specific challenges faced by migrant populations, and
how can policies and interventions be designed to address these challenges
and promote gender justice in migration?

*Environmental Justice and Displacement:*

How do environmental factors, such as climate change, impact migration
patterns, and what justice-oriented strategies can be implemented to
address the displacement of communities affected by environmental changes?

*Economic Justice for Migrant Workers:*

To what extent do current economic structures contribute to the
exploitation of migrant labor, and what policies or initiatives can enhance
economic justice for migrant workers across different industries?

*Educational Equity for Migrant Children:*

How can education systems be designed to ensure equitable access to quality
education for migrant children, considering linguistic, cultural, and
socio-economic differences?

*Healthcare Access and Equity:*

What are the barriers to healthcare access faced by migrants, and how can
healthcare systems be reformed to ensure equitable health outcomes for
migrant populations, including refugees and asylum-seekers?

*Migration and Workforce Exploitation:*

Examine the darker side of migration, where vulnerable migrant workers,
often undocumented or in low-skilled laborers face exploitation, human
rights violations, and poor working conditions - management practices that
perpetuate these issues and innovative strategies for addressing them.

*Migrant Entrepreneurship and Economic Disruption:*

What are some of the main challenges faced by both migrant entrepreneurs
and traditional businesses?

*Migrant Digital Nomads and Remote Work*

Examine the rise of migrant digital nomads who work remotely while
traveling. Discuss the management challenges of coordinating and leading a
mobile workforce while addressing issues such as work-life balance and

*Migration and Environmental Displacement:*

Investigate the role of migration in response to environmental disasters
and climate change. Discuss how organizations and management practices are
evolving to address the challenges and opportunities arising from the
displacement of populations due to environmental factors.

*Contributing a chapter to a multi volume book series offers several
advantages to young and more experienced authors. For example *

-        we as book editors provide important guidance before the first
draft and useful comments on subsequent ones, which we think eases the
chapter’s way through the peer review process;

-        an extensive examination of intricate subjects is possible with a
multi-volume series and thereby offers a comprehensive viewpoint that may
not be possible with a single article or journal paper;

-        multidisciplinary insights: book chapters offer a forum for
interdisciplinary discussion, encouraging a more comprehensive
understanding of difficult topics like immigration;

-        influence and visibility: your academic profile is enhanced by
chapters that are included in reference collections such as ours, which
frequently receive significant recognition and publicity within the
academic community.

-        timeliness: reference collections can accept timely research on
new subjects that editors or academic journals may not be ready to publish
at that particular moment;

-        diverse audience: the impact of your work is increased by its wide
readership, which includes academics, practitioners, policymakers, and

-        … and last but not least, since reviewers normally assess the
entire book, revisions are likely to be much more friendly and supportive.


Contributions should be original and not under consideration elsewhere.

We welcome papers using a variety of methodologies at any level of analysis
for firms, industries, regions, or countries.

•       Qualitative (e.g., conceptual development, case studies)

•       Quantitative (e.g., experimental study, statistical analysis)

We accept chapters (and chapter proposals) until we reach capacity.


•       Chapter Title/Subtitle, Author(s), Affiliation(s), 5-8 Keywords

•       Proposal, 300-500 words

•       Chapter manuscript, 6,000 – 10,000 words (When the proposal is


•       Proposal Submission Deadline: March 15, 2024

•       Notification of Acceptance: April 10, 2024

•       Full Chapter Submission Deadline:  May 30, 2024

•       Review Results Returned: June 30, 2024

•       Revised Chapter Submission Deadline: July 30, 2024

•       Submission of Final Book to the Publisher: October 30,2024

•       Expected Publication Date: July 15, 2025


Gideon Markman - Gideon Markman studies competitive strategy, migration,
innovation and sustainability.  He is a full professor at Colorado State
University. His research appeared in journals such as Academy of Management
Journal, Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal,
Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Management
Studies, Journal of Business Venturing, Research Policy, and Academy of
Management Perspectives.  Gideon is an Associate Editor with the Academy of
Management Perspectives and an editorial board member with several
journals. He lives in Boulder, CO.

Dilek Zamantili Nayir - Dilek Zamantili Nayir studies strategy, migration
and entrepreneurship.  She is a full professor at Turkish German University
(Istanbul/Turkey). Her research appeared in journals such as International
Business Review, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business
Ethics, International Small Business Journal, Journal of International
Management, Journal of Knowledge Management, Journal of Services Marketing
and Social Enterprise Journal. Dilek is an Associate Editor with Asian
Business and Management. She lives in Istanbul (Turkey).

Please make all inquiries or submissions to: [log in to unmask]

Thank you for your consideration, we are excited to collaborate with you on
this vital project.

Saygılarımla/Mit freundlichen Grüssen/Best regards,
Prof. Dr. Dilek Zamantılı Nayır

İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi - İşletme Bölümü
Abteilung für BWL - Dept. of Business Administration
Türk Alman Üniversitesi - Türkisch-Deutsche Universität
Turkish-German University

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