Congratulations to our student leaders!


Thank you for stepping up to the plate and being the great leaders we need and know you will be.



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Subject: Hospitality Association Election Results


Good Afternoon, 


We would like to congratulate the Hospitality Association Club Executive Boards for the 2023-2024 school year! We would also like to thank all of the students who stepped forward and participated in this election. 


To all students, please take advantage of the opportunity to get involved with these clubs in the coming school year and meet the talented people that lead them!


Hospitality Association 

President- Tyler Dahms

Chief Financial Officer- Riley Coleman

Chief Operating Officer- Autumn Mellino

Director of Marketing- Lilian Warnica

Director of Events- Sam Vieder

Director of Philanthropy- TBA

Director of Communications- Maya Dhande




Club Management Association of America 

President- Josh May

Vice President- Jacob Cook

Treasurer- Kelsey Herdus

BMI Coordinator- Neko Sanchez

Secretary- Heather Atkin

Director of Events- Aiden Waldman



Eta Sigma Delta 

President- Paige Japlit

Vice President- TBA

Director of Finance- Olivia Cannella

Director of Marketing- Katherine Kim

Director of Philanthropy- TBA

Director of Communications- TBA



Hospitality Lodging Club

President- Aislin Riccardelli

Vice President- Lucas Irwin

Director of Finance- Paige Japlit

Director of Marketing- Mackenzie Radcliffe

Director of Communications- Kara Muckstadt

Director of Events- TBA


Meeting and Events Club

President- Paige Inglehart and Olivia Canella

Vice President- Lauren Searle

Chief Financial Officer- Abby Peck

Director of Events- Sam Vieder

Director of Meetings- Lilian Warnica

Director of Philanthropy- Annie Gillespie

Director of Social Media- Samantha Cangemie


National Society of Minorities in Hospitality 

President- Bre'Ann Taylor

Vice President- TBA

Treasurer- TBA

Social Media Chair- TBA

Communications Chair- TBA

Director of Events- TBA 


Real Estate Investment Club

President- Rachel Nicholson

Vice President- Riley Garvin

Director of Finance- David Moschkovich

Director of Communications- Benjamin Kim

Director of Philanthropy and Events- Lydia Heyn




Spartan Business Golf Club 

President- Sadie Anderson

Vice President- Jack Edmonds

Treasurer- Kara Muckstadt

Director of Public Outreach- Mackenzie Radcliffe

Director of Events- Eric Kleinfelt



Spartan Beverage Society

President- TBA
Treasurer- TBA

Director of Operations and Education- TBA

Director of Communication and Outreach- Jack Edmonds

Director of Alumni Relations and Marketing- TBA

Director of Fundraising and Philanthropy- TBA


Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management 

President- Julia Fry

Vice President- Brendan Quinn

Chief Financial Officer- Jack Edmonds

Director of Events- Mike Boyer

Director of Communications- Nathan Fuller




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