*Invitation to Combine Your 2023 Summer Vacation With a Face-to-Face  (in
Person) American Conference in DUBAI*


*Presents  *

*AGBA’s 19th  Face-to-Face (in Person)*

*Annual World Congress*

*on May 20---22, 2023*

*at a*

*5 Star Dubai Airport Hotel *


*(UAE) *

** <>


*Conference Theme:*

*"Business and Entrepreneurship Development in a Globalized and Digitalized

*    Conference Chair*

*Conference Co-Chair*

*Keynote Speaker # 1 *

*  Keynote Speaker # 2 *

*  Keynote Speaker # 3*

*Norman S. Wright*

President and CEO

Noorda College of

Osteopathic Medicine

Provo, Utah,


*Gary L. Frankwick*

Professor of Marketing and International Business (Emeritus)

University of Texas

at El Paso

El Paso, Texas,


*Chris Pitelis*


Department of International Business

Leeds University

Leeds, England,


*Dheeraj  P. Sharma *Director

Indian Institute of Management Rohtak,

Rohtak, State of Haryana


*Sanjay Singh*

Chair Professor of Human Resource Management

University of Dundee

Dundee, Scotland


*Conference Brief:*

The main theme of our conference is "*Business and Entrepreneurship
Development in a Globalized and Digitalized Era*”. This conference will
feature competitive papers, plenary sessions, case studies, poster
presentations, student papers, and panel sessions. Submissions will be
subjected to a double-blind review process and will be published in the
refereed American  conference proceedings (*Advances in Global Business
Research**, ISS# 1549-9332*).

*Conference Goal:*

The primary goal of the conference is to provide a unique global platform
to facilitate exchange of leading edge ideas for effective advancement of
knowledge in the field of *Business Administration, Commerce, Economics,
and Entrepreneurship*. It would be achieved through multi-disciplinary
presentations and discussions of current *Business, Commerce, Economics,
and Entrepreneurship* issues in developing and developed countries.

*Conference Highlights:*

Major highlights of the conference would be:

·       *Faculty Development Workshops**;*

·       *Networking* between Dubai and global academics;

·       *One-to-One Mentoring* of selected doctoral students by globally
renowned scholars, and

·       *Global Business Forum* for networking between global and Dubai
 entrepreneurs, investors, traders, importers and exporters.

*Manuscript Submission:*

We welcome submission of manuscripts that address conference theme as well
as all functional areas of *Business Administration, Commerce, Economics,
and Entrepreneurship*. Please submit your manuscripts to our Conference
Director/Program Chair at the following address:

*                                              Dr. Christopher J. Marquette*

*BS (Illinois), MBA (Illinois), Ph.D., (Texas)*

*Grover Hermann Professor of Business*

*Department of Finance*

*Tabor School of Business **Millikin University*

*Decatur, Illinois, *


*Email: [log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]>*

*Publication Opportunities:*

*Best papers presented at our conference will be eligible for publication
in the Special Issues of the following Western Journals after substantial

·       *Journal of Asia Business Studies *

·       *(Special Issue on Middle East to be Guest Edited by Zafar U.

*(Published by Emerald of UK and  Indexed in  Scopus as Q-1)*

·       *Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship
Development *

·       *(Published by Inderscience of Switzerland and Indexed in Scopus as
Q-2)**.  *

and also Indexed in Elsevier Thomson Reuters Emerging Index --- Web of

·       *Journal for Global Business Advancement *

·       *(Published by Inderscience of Switzerland and indexed in Scopus as
Q-4)  *

·       *Thunderbird International Business Review Special Issue on *

*“Multinationals from Emerging Economies: Strategies, Challenges, and the
Way Forward”.*


*Special Issue Being Guest Edited by Abdul A. Rasheed and Zafar U. Ahmed.*

*(Published by John Wiley and Indexed in Thomson Reuters ISI Index)*

·       A Monograph Book to be published by *Routledge **(Taylor and
Francis) UK. *


Registration and Submission Deadline is: *April 15, 2023.*

*Conference Brochure:*

 Please download conference brochure from our following website:

** <>


Please contact AGBA’s President/CEO for any assistance:

*Prof. Dr. Zafar U. Ahmed*

*BBA (New York), MBA (Texas), *

*Ph.D., (Utah), D.Litt., (Candidate, England)*

*Professor of International Business*

*Founder, President and CEO**: *

*Academy for Global Business Advancement*

** <>

*Founder and Editor-in-Chief**: *

*Journal for Global Business Advancement*


*Founder and Editor-in-Chief:*

*Journal for International Business & Entrepreneurship Development *


*Washington DC., *

*District of Columbia*


*Email: **[log in to unmask]* <[log in to unmask]>


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