The University of Cooperative Extension Small Farms Network is looking to hire a Spanish bilingual Small Farms Extension & Research Associate to work in our San Diego, CA extension office. See the end of this email for more details.
Please forward the opportunity on to anyone who might be interested!
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Meaghan Donovan
Small Farms Program Manager - UC Cooperative Extension Small Farms Network
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Job Opening: Small Farms Extension & Research Associate (Spanish Bilingual) – UC Cooperative Extension– San Diego, CA

Position: Staff Associate II (Spanish Bilingual) – San Diego, CA, Job ID 49808
County Location: San Diego County
Date Posted: February 27, 2023
Closing Date: This job is open until filled. The first review date will be March 13, 2023.

The Small Farms Extension and Research Associate will assist UC ANR Small Farms Advisors in the delivery of technical assistance, training, outreach, and applied research activities to increase extension support for small-scale, diversified, and historically underserved farmers. Areas of focus include on-farm production challenges such as irrigation, nutrient management, and pest management; regulatory compliance; marketing and business support; and incentive program and grant application technical support. Working under the general direction of a county-based Small Farms Advisor, the Associate assists UC ANR academics, staff, and collaborating growers with collection and analysis of data needed for grower surveys, applied research projects, program development and evaluation, and policy communications. The Associate will also provide expert, bilingual technical assistance to small-scale farmers to enhance on-farm productivity, compliance with local, state, and federal regulatory programs, and access to resources such as grants, incentives programs, and emergency relief programs. The Associate will assist UC ANR academics in the extension of applied research results and the development, delivery, and evaluation of bilingual, culturally appropriate, research-based educational materials and extension programming to support small-scale, diversified, and historically underserved farmers. The Associate will develop and conduct effective methods to increase outreach and participate in program evaluation, needs assessments, and strategic planning for outreach and extension efforts in the assigned county or counties. Applied research duties include assisting with survey development and translation, recruitment of farmer participants, setup of field experiments, data collection and management, basic data analysis for outreach, educational programming, and research projects. Research, outreach, and extension efforts will also be coordinated with a statewide network of Small Farms Advisors and program staff in multiple counties. The Small Farms Network will work closely with partner agencies and non-profit organizations to coordinate and leverage statewide technical assistance efforts. UC ANR is an equal opportunity provider and employer. For more information and to apply, visit: