Submission of Special Issue Proposals
for International Business Review

Submission deadline: 20 February 2023

International Business Review (IBR) invites proposals for Special Issues that capture important phenomena and high-impact theoretical developments in international business. These Special Issues should have the potential to offer new perspectives and point the literature in new and interesting directions.

International Business Review is a premier academic journal in the discipline of international business, and the official journal of the European International Business Academy (EIBA). The journal publishes original and insightful papers on the theory and practice of international business, broadly defined to embrace firmsí internationalization strategies, the cross-border management of firmsí operations, and comparative studies of the business environments in different countries. Put simply, the journal is interested in publishing papers that inform the international operations of firms or guide the actions of policy-makers in home or host countries. The journal welcomes conceptual, empirical and review papers, and is open to contributions from strategy, finance, management, marketing, economics, human resource management and organizational studies scholars. IBR embraces methodological plurality, and papers using quantitative and/or qualitative approaches are equally welcome.

The Special Issue proposal should include the following elements:

  1.  Proposed title of the Special Issue
  2.  Information about each of the Guest Editors (names, titles, affiliations and email addresses). The proposal should provide the definitive list of Guest Editors, and additions or deletions from the list will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances once the proposal has been accepted.
  3.  Short biographical notes (approx. 150 words) about each of the Guest Editors
  4.  The aims and academic significance of the Special Issue
  5.  Key themes and research questions for the Special Issue
  6.  A statement of why IBR is the most suitable journal for the Special Issue, and how the Special Issue will help promote IBR
  7.  A draft of the Call for Papers (please see the IBR website for examples of the Calls for Papers of current Special Issues.
  8.  A statement of how and where the Call for Papers will be advertised to generate interest and attract quality submissions globally (e.g. which distribution lists, networks or associations)
  9.  A proposed submission deadline for papers (from late 2023 onwards)
  10. Reference list
Proposals should be submitted to the Editors-in-Chief of IBR, Professor Roger Strange [[log in to unmask]] and Professor Fang Lee Cooke [[log in to unmask]] by 20 February 2023. When submitting proposals, please include in the email submission line: ĎIBR Special Issue Proposalí.
All proposals will be reviewed by the Senior Editorial Team in terms of their quality and alignment with IBRís vision and scope. One or two proposals will be selected to go forward annually. The proposers will be informed of the Editorial Teamís decision approximately 6 weeks after the submission deadline. It is expected that the Guest Editors will contribute an introductory article that will both provide thought leadership on the topic of the Special Issue  and may succinctly introduce the papers. However, it is IBR policy that the Guest Editors should not include in the Special Issue other papers of which they are authors or co-authors. Moreover, no authors should be listed on more than one paper.
All papers for the Special Issue will be subject to the normal double-blind peer reviewing process that is undertaken for regular issues of IBR, and accepted papers will be expected to meet the editorial standards of IBR. Papers should be prepared and submitted according to IBRís Guidelines for Authors:
The publication date will be allocated once all the papers for the Special Issue have been accepted.

Roger Strange & Fang Lee Cooke (IBR Editors-in-Chief)
January 2023


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Professor of International Business

Editor-in-Chief, International Business Review

University of Sussex Business School, Room 107A, Jubilee Building

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Tel: (44) 1273-873531

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