They will be at the Diversity Career Fair on 2/1
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Subject: Michigan FoodCorps - applications open for August placements (MI)

FoodCorps<;!!HXCxUKc!0YCUCT0oFKwp5FNVIzNt6slygU7dXXpo03RgImjR6qi-vQjbuapOjDf1JYmH85e-bWEBwv1raBL0l0UaSpiy0gY$> partners with schools and communities to nourish kids’ health, education, and sense of belonging. We are currently accepting applications for our next cohort (Aug ‘23-July ‘24) of Service Members.

Each year, we have Public Health AmeriCorps Service Members partner with K-12 schools for a full school year teaching kids to grow, cook, and love the nourishing foods that celebrate their cultures and communities—and help schools serve more of those foods, too. FoodCorps recruits talented leaders into full-time, paid public service, where they grow healthy school food environments in diverse communities through hands-on, experiential food education.

We have two tracks of service:

  *   Food Educators work alongside educators to provide kids (pre K - 8) with food education and culturally affirming experiences in the classroom and gardens. This includes hands-on lessons, working in the gardens, doing taste tests to get kids excited about fruits and vegetables and trying new foods, and supporting a school-wide movement around nourishing food by building strong, collaborative relationships with teachers, families, and school administrators.
  *   School Nutrition Service Members work at a district level (preK - 12) with school nutrition departments to promote nourishing school food environments. This can include establishing and supporting feedback loops, coordinating student-led advisory groups and collaborating with other service members on school meals related projects. School Nutrition Service Members may contribute to the operational aspect of local procurement efforts, marketing and promotion of these items or support menu development.

We have sites<;!!HXCxUKc!0YCUCT0oFKwp5FNVIzNt6slygU7dXXpo03RgImjR6qi-vQjbuapOjDf1JYmH85e-bWEBwv1raBL0l0UayXjlT6M$> in Michigan (Detroit, Petoskey, Flint, and near Alpena) and throughout the country. Our applications are open through March 27, 2023 for next year's cohort (August '23-July '24).

Benefits of service in Michigan include a $33,000 stipend paid bi-weekly (this is a full-time, 11 month commitment), a $6,895 Segal Education Award upon successful completion of service, health, dental and vision insurance, as well as student loan forbearance. Please see the attached flyer with more details.

Here is the link with more details and to apply:<;!!HXCxUKc!0YCUCT0oFKwp5FNVIzNt6slygU7dXXpo03RgImjR6qi-vQjbuapOjDf1JYmH85e-bWEBwv1raBL0l0Ua15wZNNs$>.
Questions can be directed to [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.

You can also spread the word through Instagram<;!!HXCxUKc!0YCUCT0oFKwp5FNVIzNt6slygU7dXXpo03RgImjR6qi-vQjbuapOjDf1JYmH85e-bWEBwv1raBL0l0UaV7LKIMY$> or Facebook<;!!HXCxUKc!0YCUCT0oFKwp5FNVIzNt6slygU7dXXpo03RgImjR6qi-vQjbuapOjDf1JYmH85e-bWEBwv1raBL0l0UacO04wnU$>

Referral Program:

We ALSO have a referral program where if you refer someone to apply, and they serve for at least 90 days, you will receive a $250 as a thank you (you can expect this gift typically in Nov-Dec 2023). Please make sure to let anyone know who you are referring to include your name and contact information on the application to be eligible for the referral thank you!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Seema Jolly | she/her/hers
FoodCorps | Impact & Partnerships Lead, Michigan

(269) 352-6224 (cell)<;!!HXCxUKc!0YCUCT0oFKwp5FNVIzNt6slygU7dXXpo03RgImjR6qi-vQjbuapOjDf1JYmH85e-bWEBwv1raBL0l0UaciAez0M$> | @foodcorps