*Monographic Case Book*

*“Multinationals from Emerging Countries *

*Building Their Own Global Brands”*

*(A Collection of Cases)”*

*Edited *


*Zafar U. Ahmed*

*Founder, President and CEO*

*Academy for Global Business Advancement*

* <>*

*Washington DC*

*District of Columbia*


*To be Published  by*

*Routledge (Taylor and Francis)*

* <>*

*On May 1, 2023 *

*Section # 1*

*Dear Global Business Scholars: Hi*

*Ref: Invitation to Develop a Global Case on an Emerging Country’s Global
Company *

   - *I am pleased to invite members of AIB’s Global Family to  develop a
   Case for publication in a Monographic Case Book to be published by
   Routledge (Taylor and Francis).*
   - *Your Case must be 20 single space pages (not more and not less) on
   any company of your choice headquartered in an emerging country, that is
   attempting to build its global brand on the global stage.*
   - *This AGBA’s Monographic Case Book is designed to support the
   world-class scholarship of scholars focusing on emerging countries.  *
   - *Only two co-authors (at a max) are allowed for each Case. *
   - *Only One Case is allowed per author. *
   - *Only One Case is allowed per Country. *
   - *Monograph would have 30 cases encompassing 30 emerging countries. *
   - *A Case published by Harvard Business School on a similar theme would
   be shared with prospective authors for  benchmarking purposes. It would
   spell out (as a sample) (i) global issues, (ii) writing style and (iii)
   format; how to develop your own case. *
   - *Your Case must focus on your chosen company’s Global Branding Model,
   strategy, focus, vision, mission, objectives, growth trajectory, success
   story, and the lessons learned during the course of its global brand
   building exercise.  *
   - *You are also requested to develop a 5 to 10 Page Teaching Note about
   your Case. This teaching note would not be published in the proposed
   Monographic Case Book. *
   - *However, AGBA’s Global Secretariat located at the Millikin University
   (USA) would keep it on file to share it with those global professors who
   would like to use your case in their BBA/MBA courses across the world.*
   - *It is a Teaching Case. *
   - *Objective of Your Case is to teach Decision-Making Skills in the
   field of Global Branding to MBA students across the world.*
   - *Indexing:*

*I am negotiating with the publisher for the indexing of both book and
individual cases within Scopus for global recognition and prestige.
Consequently, your case would count like a journal publication after
indexing in Scopus. *

   - *AGBA needs following 4 documents from you by the deadline given in
   the next section. *
      - *Your Case in the MS Word Format ONLY; *
      - *Your Teaching Note in MS Word format only;*
      - *English Editing Certificate; and*
      - *Similarity **Report showing less than 10%  similarity index.*

*Section # 2*

*Time-Line for the Development of Case Book*

   - *June 1, 2022 ---  October 30, 2022** ---- Develop Your Case and
   submit it to me within this time-frame.*
   - *November 1, 2022 ---- November 30, 2022** --- Anonymous Global
   Reviewers will Review Your Case.*
   - *December 1, 2022 ---- December 31, 2022**---- You would be given one
   month to revise and improve your Case based on  Global Reviews.*
   - *January 1, 2023 ---- March 30, 2023 ---- **Monographic Case Book**
   would be edited by the Editor. *
   - *May 1, 2023 --- Monographic Case **Book would be Published Online as
   an E-Book by AGBA on its Website. *

   - *May 20---22, 2023 --- Monographic Case Book** would be released by
   the publisher at AGBA’s 19th global conference to held at the **Al-Qasimia
   University** (DUBAI) United Arab Emirates**. *

   - *You are cordially invited to patronize AGBA’s 2023 Face-to-Face (in
   person) Conference and be part of the history in the making when Monograph
   Case Book having your CASE would be released by the publisher.  *
   - *Important Note: *

*Kindly note that aforementioned deadlines cannot be extended under any
circumstance in order to maintain global publication schedule.*

*Section # 3*

*Routledge’s Guidelines for the Preparation of Your Case*

   - *Use (Microsoft Word), in Times New Roman font, 12 point size,
   with 1.0 pt line spacing.*

   - *Publisher requires CASE Abstracts and Keywords for all Cases
   (including introduction and conclusion), not more than 150-200 words with 3
   - 4 keywords. These would help greatly in the online discoverability of the
   Monographic Case Book. Each author must make sure to insert them at the
   beginning of each Case. *

   - *Please make sure that all weblinks cited in the manuscript have
   a last date of access against them.*

   - *Figures (if any): Please share editable versions of all line
   figures/graphs in whichever software they were originally created

   - *If editable files are not available or there are photographs/ images
   in the book, please share high quality image files (jpg/png/tiff)
   separately for all un-editable images with a minimum resolution of 300
   dpi (dots per inch) at around 1500 x 2400 pixels.*

   - *Do make sure to include captions and sources for all figures and

   - *If any figures have been taken from third-party sources, please do
   make sure to share permissions for these. *

   - *Publisher would be unable to move forward without appropriate

   - *Pre-published Cases. Please specifically mention if you are using
   reprints/pre-published material – cases/essays – in your case. Do also
   share appropriate permissions for them.*

   - *Alt Text:  If there are figures/images/maps in the manuscript, please
   supply “alt text” for each figure. This becomes mandatory as the  Publisher
    have to ensure eBook compliance for the European Accessibility Act. *


Please contact AGBA’s President/CEO for any assistance:

*Prof. Dr. Zafar U. Ahmed*

*BBA (New York), MBA (Texas), Ph.D., (Utah), D.Litt., (India)*

*Professor of International Business*

*Founder, President and CEO**: *

*Academy for Global Business Advancement*

** <>

*Founder and Editor-in-Chief**: *

*Journal for Global Business Advancement*


*Founder and Editor-in-Chief:*

*Journal for International Business & Entrepreneurship Development *


*Washington DC., *

*District of Columbia*


*Email: **[log in to unmask]* <[log in to unmask]>


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