Teaching social sustainability:

A toolkit on circularity, equity, diversity and inclusion in business education


This book aims to bring social and economic spheres of sustainability into mainstream business education. This book supports implementing the United Nations' sustainable development goals (SDGs) through higher and professional education pedagogy. Currently, higher education accrediting institutions emphasize sustainability, and consequently, business schools strive to include sustainability into their curriculum. Out of three spheres of sustainability, environmental sustainability is now being more widely incorporated. As a result, there are an increasing number of pedagogical approaches and (digital) tools available to integrate environment-related topics into business education[1]. This book introduces teaching principles and offers teaching methods, resources, cases, and tools that ensure integration of social and economic aspects of sustainability and, therefore, issues concerning justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion into business education.


In the book, we draw on the concept of circular economy (CE) and focus on the social dimensions of CE. Traditionally, CE has been recognized as an effective approach to managing sustainably, and CE's environmental aspects have attracted significant attention[2]. Thus, our understanding of teaching knowledge and developing skills needed to foster social and economic spheres of sustainability through promotion of CE's social dimensions is lacking. As a result, globally mainstream business education, grounded in value-free economic theories, largely disregards discussions around issues, such as sustainable management of social capital[3]. We hope to close this gap and support educators leading the change towards all spheres of sustainability and when operating within the existing legacy and attitudes of business education.


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- Šilenskytė, A. (2020). Corporate strategy implementation: how strategic plans become individual strategic actions across organizational levels of the MNC. (monograph)


[1] e.g., https://eua.eu/resources/publications/964:environmental-sustainability-of-learning-and-teaching.html

[2] Padilla-Rivera, A., Russo-Garrido, S., & Merveille, N. (2020). Addressing the social aspects of a circular economy: a systematic literature review. Sustainability, 12(19), 7912.

[3] Eizenberg, E., & Jabareen, Y. (2017). Social sustainability: A new conceptual framework. Sustainability, 9(1), 68.

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