The team at Meadowlark Community Mill and Meadowlark Organics are looking for a partner to help manage our growing flour mill. We run a vertically integrated, multifaceted operation which includes a diversified organic grain farm, an on-farm grain cleaning, dehulling, and storage operation, and an on-farm flour mill. Each of these are deeply interconnected, yet highly specialized. Our expectation is that each can stand alone as a successful entity, but our strength lies in the connection between them.

We have been milling on our certified organic farm in Ridgeway, WI since March of 2021. On average we are handling 10,000 lbs of grain a week, and self-distributing to wholesale customers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa. Our current team includes 2 full time employees, 2 part time employees, and 2 managing owners.

The mill provides the opportunity for the farm to maintain a diverse crop rotation by processing and distributing flour, cornmeal, whole grains, and beans to consumers in our foodshed. The farm and grain cleaning operations support the mill by providing a consistent and high quality source of grain, as well as additional team members who are able to assist with repairs, maintenance, production, and delivery.

No previous milling experience is necessary, but milling and/or baking experience is certainly something we’ll consider positively!



In the end, being a miller is a manufacturing job, and a craft. It is inherently repetitive, and in some ways not highly complex, but it is a critical job and requires attentive observation and adjustments. The nuances of flour milling with natural stones provides an opportunity to learn valuable skills that have no ceiling in terms of mastery.

The job can be loud, physically challenging, solitary, and dusty. It is likewise creative, meaningful, flexible, and engaging. We are looking for someone who brings a positive attitude, a willingness to collaborate, a commitment to create the highest quality products possible, and a desire to be a part of strengthening our regional grain value chain.

This is a salary position, and includes paid vacation. Hours are generally M-F, but some weekend work will be inevitable, especially with quarterly stone mill maintenance/dressing.

Meadowlark Mill LLC values diversity, and encourages folks of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, and ages to apply. Interested applicants, please send an introduction and resume to [log in to unmask].

Julie Cotton, M.S.
Academic Specialist, 
Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems
Dept. Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences

currently working from home:
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517-488-7841 m

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