This is a way to get back some of the money you paid for:
Organic certification application fees
Organic certification inspection
Educational event registration
Soil testing for micronutrients in soil

Here is the low down
It’s time to get read to apply for the 2022 N0P Organic Cost Share Program!
For the fine details visit:
This program is part of USDA’s Pandemic Assistance for Producers initiative.
Are you an organic farmer certified by a USDA NOP agency?
Are you a farmer in transition-using organic practices in year 1, 2, or 3 with the intent to become certified as a NOP organic farmer?
Then you can apply for cost share from the USDA Farm Bill. You can receive partial reimbursement for:

  *   Organic certification inspection fees and certification fees (25% of fees up to $250 per certificate)
  *   Soil testing required by NOP ($100 up to 75% of cost)
  *   Educational fees for registration educational programs. (75% up to $200)
This cost share program deadline Oct 31, 2022.
You apply through your local FSA office.
Steps to getting your cost share refund

  1.  To locate YOUR FSA office visit:  and click on your county in Michigan.

  1.  Call to make an appointment with your local FSA office. The application process typically takes 15-20 minutes but at the most 30 minutes. You will be handed receipts for the process and your original documents during your appointment.

  1.  Bring receipts of payments and most recent organic certificate(s) (even if certificate is not this year’s).

  1.  Bring all certificates for each system you have that are NOP certified (crop, livestock, wild crop, and handling)!

  1.  Bring a voided check with you to appointment so they can set up for direct deposit of your refund to your checking account.
Eligible Expenses for Reimbursement through USDA NOP Cost Share

For Certified Organic Operations (USDA NOP)

§  Certification application fees

§  NOP organic inspection costs

§  Fees related to equivalency agreement/arrangement requirements

§  Travel/per diem for inspectors

§  User fees

§  Certifier sales assessments

§  Postage

§  Soil testing for micronutrients

§  Educational event registration fees.

For Transitional Operations : (Year 1, 2 or 3 on any parts of your farm)

§  Fees charged by a certifying agent or consultant for pre-certification inspections

§  Fees charged for the development of an organic system plan

§  Soil testing for micronutrients

§  Educational events’ registration fees

Expenses Not Allowed for Cost Share

§  Inspections necessary to address National Organic Program regulatory violations

§  Expenses related to non-USDA organic certifications

§  Expenses related to any other labeling program

§  Expenses related to materials/supplies/equipment

§  Late fees

§  Membership fees charged by certification agency

§  Consultant fees (except as described above for transitional operations)

§  Expenses related to educational event attendance other than registration fees

§  Expenses for tests other than soil testing for micronutrient deficiencies

Note: Expenses that have been incurred during the program year but not paid during this time-period are not eligible for cost share assistance.

If you have questions call your local FSA office or you can email Vicki Morrone ([log in to unmask]).

Vicki Morrone
Organic Farming Specialist and Beginning Farmer Educator
Dept of Community Sustainability, Michigan State University
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+ 1-517-282-3557 (cell and What’s app)
Sorrone11 (skype)

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