Dear IB Colleagues,

You're invited to the 2022 X-Culture Research Hackathon,
a "writing retreat" of sorts where a small group of researchers works
intensively over several days on developing publishable papers.

It takes about 50 hours of focused work to develop the first draft of a
research paper. Usually, the process takes months or even years, as we put
in a few hours here, a few hours there, with days or even weeks in-between.
At the research hackathon, we pack these 50 hours into a few days of
intensive work.

July 5 - August 9, 2022

   - Pre-event: July 5-7 (online or face-to-face in Miami during the AIB
   - *Event: August 2-5 (online or face-to-face in Seattle, before the AOM
   - Post-event: August 5-9 (online or face-to-face in Seattle, during the
   AOM conference)


   - X-Culture data <> are made
   - Researchers interested in IB/OB/HR come to the conference,
   - intensively brainstorm ideas for papers based on the data,
   - select the most promising ones,
   - form co-author teams,
   - work from dawn till dask for a few days on turning those ideas into
   publishable papers,
   - while also expanding your professional network and having some fun in
   the process.

<> *

*Papers published based on prior hackathons:
<> *


Pre-event (online/hybrid):

   - Online/Hybrid Meeting 1: Meet and Greet
   Sunday, July 5 (date/time to be confirmed once the AIB schedule is
      - Meet and greet
      - Review of the available data and research projects in progress
      - Brainstorming research paper ideas
      - Identify groups and discuss potential data needed
      - Those attending the AIB conference plan to meet face-to-face in
      Miami and join the session as a group

   - Online/Hybrid Meeting 2: Exchange of Initial Paper Ideas
   Monday, July 6 (date/time to be confirmed once the AIB schedule is
      - Exchange and discussion of initial research paper ideas
      - Literature review
      - Review data further and develop a potential model
      - Select “finalist” paper ideas
      - Confirm research groups/co-author teams
      - Those attending the AIB conference plan to meet face-to-face in
      Miami and join the session as a group

   - GVT Collaboration: Further Exchange of Research Paper Ideas
   Tuesday, July 7 – August 1
      - Work in research groups formed during Meetings 1 and 2 with virtual
      live meetings as needed

Event (face-to-face/hybrid)

   - Day 1, Tuesday, August 2
      - Arrival
      - Welcome Dinner

   - Day 2, Wednesday, August 3
      - Breakfast
      - Session 1: Presentation of initial findings
         - Present latest findings, receive feedback
         - Collective brainstorming of challenges discovered so far
         (theory, methods, findings)
      - Lunch
      - Session 2: Further data analysis
         - Continue working on data analysis
         - Get clarification (on data and statistical tests)
      - Dinner: Socializing and informal discussion

   - Day 3, Thursday, August 4
      - Breakfast
      - Session 7: Results
         - Present the latest results, receive feedback
         - Collective brainstorming of challenges and solutions
      - Working Lunch
      - Review of progress
      - Most promising paper award ceremony

   - Days 4-8 (August 5-9)
      - Those staying with the group in the dormitories will continue the
      discussions and paper development during optional joint breakfasts,
      lunches, dinners, and between the AOM sessions as schedule permits.


   - Online-only: $150
   - Xackathon only (3 nights of lodging and meals in Seattle): $600
   - All-inclusive (8 nights of lodging, meals, social activities, and
   sightseeing): $1375

Please note, AOM conference hotels cost around $200/$300 per night. The
all-inclusive Xackathon registration option provides cheaper lodging for 8
nights at nearby dormitories plus meals. So if you plan to attend AOM, the
all-inclusive option, which provides you with the cheaper on-campus lodging
and meals,  would be cheaper than staying at the conference hotels.

Dr. Wendy Farrell
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*More info*:


Vas Taras
X-Culture Founder and Coordinator

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