Dear AIB Colleagues, 

I am currently co-editing a book titled Technology Entrepreneurship: Perspectives for Science and Engineering (Routledge, 2024). Might you be interested in contributing a chapter?  

This book project is very relevant to the AIB community for the following reasons: 1) its practice impacts international business, 2) it underscores the importance of technology entrepreneurship in today’s global business environment, 3) it promotes collaboration of scholarship across countries, 4) it provides an opportunity for scholars and researchers to showcase their work to a global audience, and 5) it helps advance the understanding of the challenges and opportunities relating to responsible technology entrepreneurship.  

Technology entrepreneurship refers to business activities that are based on new scientific insights and new technical developments. It describes the process by which enterprising teams and individuals convert new technical knowledge into products and services. It encompasses entrepreneurial pursuits in all fields of engineering and science where progress opens novel ways of creating value. Entrepreneurial activities in these domains lead to ventures with specific characteristics. Compiling the essential research knowledge about principles and practices in responsible technology entrepreneurship is the scope of the current book.

Drawing from international contributors from different countries, the book aims to be a key resource on technology entrepreneurship. The intended audience will be academics, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, government leaders, consultants and policy makers worldwide. 

In this book project, I am gathering academics, entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers from around the world to provide their perspective on technology entrepreneurship.

Chapter topics are shown below:    



Describes the background and content of technology entrepreneurship and lays out the organization of sections & chapters.





History and Trends

Introduces to the history and entrepreneurship in general and technology entrepreneurship in particular. Describes current trends.


Basic Concepts and Facts

Introduces basic concepts systematically and reports on basic facts and figures.


Entrepreneurial Competences

Compiles current knowledge about which competences are considered key for entrepreneurship.


From Technology to Value



Intellectual Property

Introduce the history and background of IP and lay out the principles of modern legislation. Discuss how IP can be a critical resource for start-ups and their strategy.


From Technology to Value Proposition

Introduce processes and techniques how to identify applications based on novel technical knowledge and how to develop a value proposition.


Product Development

Describes how to systematically develop a product that delivers on the value proposition.


Strategy and Business Model



Values, Competences, Vision, and Mission.

The ‘entrepreneur-opportunity nexus’ is the basis for new ventures. Values and competences of the founding team create the basis for a vision.


Designing the Business Model

Every start-up must design a business model. It lays out how the venture will create value for all stakeholders.


Entrepreneurial Decision Making

Strategy is often related to the ‘causation logic’. In new ventures, decision making often follows effectuation, with agile decision making.


Entrepreneurial Marketing



Market &Competitor Analysis

Knowing the market, its regulatory frame, its size, its maturity, and trends is important. Knowing the competition is also key for any successful marketing strategy.


Customer Development and Lean Startup

The Lean Startup Thinking is an important element of current entrepreneurship culture. In particular, it helps to establish a consequent focus on customer-centric solutions.


Pricing, Placement and Promotion for Technology Ventures

The New Technology-based Firm will position a novel offering and must find out how to price and promote it.


Funding a Venture



Financing Technology Ventures

The chapter describes the different phases and their respective financing possibilities.


Funding Process

The chapter gives a detailed view on the financing process from the venture point of view.


Capital Provider Perspective

The chapter lays out the perspective of the investors. Understanding this perspective is important for entrepreneurs in order to communicate consistently and understand the requirements of capital providers.


Team and Organization



Team Building

‘It is all about people.’ The chapter sheds light on this statement, drawing from scientific evidence but also showing the practical implications for building a team.


Entrepreneurial Leadership

The chapter gives an introduction into leadership and how it is of crucial importance for entrepreneurship.


Building an organization

The chapter lays out what it means to build a ‘human institution’ called start-up. It covers the relevant aspects of organizational theory as applied to the situation of a young and growing venture.


Proposals for topics slightly different from the above list may be accepted, provided that there is a compelling rationale behind it.  Chapter contributors will have over a year to complete their chapters. Chapter due date is July 15, 2023.  

If you are interested in contributing a chapter, kindly submit the following to me via email in one MS Word file on or before June 30, 2022 : 1) Proposed title from the list of chapters above or an alternative topic, 2) 3 sentence abstract, 3) 3 sentence bio of chapter contributor(s). 


I look forward to hearing from you, and in working together to advance knowledge of technology entrepreneurship worldwide. 

Sincerely yours, 

Dr. J. Mark Munoz 

Professor, Management and International Business 

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