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We have recently launched a new journal addressing the rising topic: Digital Economy. You are all welcome to submit your articles. Many Thanks!


Call for Submissions: Journal of Digital Economy (JDE)

Journal of Digital Economy (JDE) is a peer-reviewed, open access title. It is the official English-language journal of the Tsinghua University Institute of Economics in China. While the Industrial Revolution transformed humanity from early agrarian societies to an industrialized age, the 21st century is witnessing the rise of a digital civilization. JDE sheds light on how this digital era is expanding, restructuring and challenging existing knowledge and traditional methodology. It is a platform for both theoretical and empirical contributions to multiple disciplines, including, but not limited to, Economics, Management, Sociology, Political Economy, Computer Science and Environmental Science. JDE examines ways to improve economic well-being, social equity and environmental sustainability in the digital era. It welcomes practice and policy-oriented studies that tackle the challenges and harness the opportunities distinctive to our time.

Specific research areas covered include:

Digital economy (also known as the internet economy, new economy, web economy and gig economy)
Digital economics
Digital transformation strategy and management
Digital labor
Digital innovation and entrepreneurship
Platform economy and business ecosystems
Adoption and management of digital technologies
Network economics
Big data analysis
Internet banking
The economics of innovation and entrepreneurship
The use of digital for a low-carbon economy
Green economy
Digital Manufacturing and 3D Printing
Digital Transformation

please refer to official website:

Submission Requirements

Papers should be submitted through Editorial Manager: (You can also access the Editorial Manager through JDE official website). Before submission, please read “Guide for Authors” carefully:

Virtual Special Issues (VSI) of JDE:

Currently, three of our special issues are calling for papers. You are also welcomed to submit your paper to these VSIs.All papers will be subject to the same peer review process as in regular issues of JDE.

VSI-1: New developments of ecosystems in the age of digital economy

VSI-2: Sustainable and digital supply chain management in the era of the digital economy

VSI-3: Technological development, innovation and digital transformation in the post-pandemic era

For more details, please refer to

If you have questions about a potential submission, feel free to contact Tianxi Yang (editorial assistant of JDE) at [log in to unmask]

Ke Rong

Professor, PhD(Cantab.)

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Digital Economy

Tsinghua University, Beijing

China, 100086

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