Relational event models (REMs) for the analysis of social networks: A hands on Introduction

Instructors: Jürgen Lerner and Alessandro Lomi

Networks of social relations and communication networks frequently generate information on repeated interaction over time. This information typically takes the form of relational event sequences - streams of time-ordered events connecting social actors. Examples of relational events are common. Conversations, email communication, interaction among members of teams, participation in social gatherings or in peer-production projects, are all examples of interactive settings that may generate observable streams of relational events.

The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with an introduction to relational event modeling - both for dyadic events (having one sender and one receiver) and for "hyperevents" connecting any number of participants. The workshop involve hands-on experience with software specifically designed for specifying end estimating relational event models on actual data, including the open-source software eventnet (

The workshop is targeted at participants interested in statistical modeling of networks based on relational event data. Participation to the workshop does not assume any particular prior knowledge or experience with statistical models for social networks. Participants are invited to informally share their own research questions, which may possibly be addressed by a REM analysis, prior to or during the workshop.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Jürgen Lerner is interim professor for Computational Social Sciences and Humanities at the RWTH Aachen. Alessandro Lomi is a professor at the University of Italian Switzerland (Lugano) where he directs the Social Network Analysis Research (SoNAR) Center

General references
Butts, C. T. (2008). A relational event framework for social action. Sociological Methodology38(1), 155-200.
Lerner, J., & Lomi, A. (2022). A dynamic model for the mutual constitution of individuals and events. Journal of Complex Networks10(2), cnac004.


The courses will be  provided in an in-person, campus environment, in the iconic UNESCO world heritage site of the University of Greenwich, in London. This is an in-person event only.


For full details, please see:

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