There are currently some opportunities for PhD applicants to be considered for a PhD scholarship and Graduate Teaching Assistantship in the field of MNE practices and sustainable development here at Sheffield Hallam University. 
I will be supervising the successful candidate.
I wondered if you might be able to pass this round the AIB Sustainability SIG and to other networks that might be accessed by people who would be interested in being supported to do a PhD in this area. 
Below is the overview and attached is the detail of the bursaries/ scholarships being offered in the Business and Management area here at Sheffield Hallam University.

Thank you very much.
With best wishes  
Dr Diana Rosemary Sharpe
Senior Lecturer in International Business 
Sheffield Hallam University  

MNE practices for achieving Sustainable Development: (AMNE and EMNE)

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The research builds on growing interest amongst a wide range of stakeholders with how multinationals can work towards supporting the United Nationals Sustainable Development Goals. The research will examine how institutional arrangements influence MNE approaches for achieving sustainability goals including interrelationships between actors in creating sustainable innovation activities.


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