Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce my recently published book.

 “Global Business Strategy: Asian Perspective (2nd edition)”.
As the second edition of *Global Business Strategy*, this book provides
novel insights on how a firm can formulate a successful approach toward its
global business from both the Western and Asian perspectives. In this
respect, the book's overall goal is to bridge the gap between these two
different viewpoints. This second edition includes more recent business
theories, techniques, and cases within the field of global business
strategy. Specifically, it includes theories and techniques like creating
shared value (CSV), the global value chain (GVC), platform strategy, and
business ecosystem. They are shown to be important tools for enhancing
competitiveness and maintaining sustainability among firms in today's
rapidly changing international business environment. This is very much
evident today given the critical challenges arising from the trade tensions
between the United States and China, emerging technologies such as
artificial intelligence and digital transformation, and the unprecedented
disruptions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. I hope that this book
will serve as a useful companion for students, business practitioners,
policymakers, and the more general readers interested in issues related to
competitiveness and business.

All the best,

Hwy-chang Moon

Professor Emeritus and Former Dean, GSIS, Seoul National University

Overseas Professor, Beijing Normal University Business School

Chairman, The Institute for Policy & Strategy on National Competitiveness

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