Hello! I wanted to share the volunteer position below with you. This is a really fun position, full of community interaction and lots of gardening and time with plants! A $500 stipend and the possibility to get academic credit is possible. Could you share this with students that may be interested in getting involved with the food bank this summer? I would be so appreciative. Take care!

Julie Lehman | garden project manager
greater lansing food bank
p: 517.853.7805

Garden Project, here in Lansing, has a great volunteer position available this summer and we would greatly appreciate your help getting the word out. This is a fun role, atGarden Project’s Resource Center<;!!HXCxUKc!m_Ea5V5lRggbC6t1eQ6_IsLTCgTstTZYAlmlleyvdJYJeGMirZG7eRUxlRRSRU4$>, just a mile west of campus, helping to distribute seeds and vegetable transplants to community gardeners and low-income home gardeners. We are hoping to find a quality volunteer who is interested in the intersection between horticulture and community development. This position comes with a $500 stipend and academic course credit may be available!

Join Greater Lansing Food Bank this summer!
Application Deadline Approaching

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We are seeking a candidate for the following summer position:
Community Resource Volunteer with Garden Project<;!!HXCxUKc!m_Ea5V5lRggbC6t1eQ6_IsLTCgTstTZYAlmlleyvdJYJeGMirZG7eRUxmPnSlPQ$>

Responsible for assisting with community seed and plant distribution, this 3-month volunteer role comes with a $500 stipend and the opportunity to earn college credit (if approved in conjunction with your educational institution requirements).

Click this link<;!!HXCxUKc!m_Ea5V5lRggbC6t1eQ6_IsLTCgTstTZYAlmlleyvdJYJeGMirZG7eRUxmPnSlPQ$> for more information and application instructions.

Applications are due by 4-5-2022

Julie Lehman (she/her/hers) | garden project manager
mailing: p.o. box 16224 | lansing, mi 48901
p: 517.853.7805 f: 517.641.2076 |<;!!HXCxUKc!m_Ea5V5lRggbC6t1eQ6_IsLTCgTstTZYAlmlleyvdJYJeGMirZG7eRUxhQOWb88$>