Dear Compost Enthusiasts,

We are The 131° School of Composting, an online platform for advancing composting across the nation and globe. Our mission is to build a regenerative, inclusive and equitable food system through the act of composting.

One of the most valuable and popular parts of our trainings is the presentations and discussions we have with compost site operators. In order to share these discussions with a wider audience, we have decided to create a no-cost course called our Operator Discussion Series. Every 2-4 months, we plan to rotate in a new video, and the course is going live today!

Check out the discussion we had last year with Tom Gilbert of Black Dirt Farm! 

You won’t want to miss this, Tom is not only an expert in composting systems and operations, he is a thought leader and an inspiration.

To sign up, create a no-cost student account with The 131° School of composting and enroll in the "Operator Discussion Series" course. You will then have access to the latest video. You will receive email notifications from the school about new courses, including when we rotate in new guests. 

Upcoming guests include Karl Hammer of Vermont Compost Company and Domingo Medina of Peels and Wheels Composting.

Also! There are still a few spots left in the first session of The 131° School’s Compost Operator Certificate, which goes from March-April. Content went live today for this online training program focused on best practices for food scrap composting (led by James McSweeney, author of Community-Scale Composting Systems, included!). Pre-registration is also open for the May-June session, which we expect to fill up fast.

For more information on The 131° School’s Compost Operator Certificate or to register, please visit the course homepage. Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions at [log in to unmask].

Sharing and forwarding of this announcement to your colleagues and networks is extremely appreciated!

Thermophilically Yours,

-The 131° Team

Alex Thompson
Technical Support
Compost Technical Services & The 131° School of Composting
The 131° School's Compost Operator Certificate is open for pre-registration! 

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