Enjoy over lunch and in the evening today thru Sat. And its Free!! Great educational topics and fun events too!!


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Date: March 16, 2022 at 9:05:28 AM MDT
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Subject: Michigan Family Farms Conferece Starts Soon!
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Dear MIFFS Supporters,

The Michigan Family Farms Conference is just moments away! We are excited to host our virtual conference this year and hope you will share some of your time with us over the next four days. We will be streaming everything at our website on the homepage: www.miffs.org

There is a lot of content this year including some musical performances on Thursday through Saturday. The schedule is included in the email below and when you come over to the website during the conference, there is a comment box that will be available for questions during the live events. The questions will be relayed to the presenters during the question and answer sessions to be answered. There will also be resources linked for each of the sessions under the livestream and comment box. Each resource will be linked and open when you click on it. We will be posting the sessions after the conference along with all the resources provided.

The MI Family Farms Conference drop down menu has a lot of information including the schedule and session descriptions for each day. Also be sure to check out the Sponsor and Vendor Catalogue filled with all of our great partners, sponsors, and vendors for the conference. We appreciate all the support!

We look forward to this virtual conference- while we miss the in person event immensely, the virtual is going to be a blast! Stories will be told, experiences shared, and we will learn a thing or two on the way.

With Energy,
The MIFFS Team
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