I am pleased to announce that the final detailed programme of the conference is now available at

The deadline to avoid late registration penalties is 23 March, so if you have not registered, please do so ASAP.

Note that the gala dinner is an option which you must choose (and pay for), and attendance is limited to 120 people. We have no mechanism to increase capacity at the venue, and this is filling up fast - I expect that we will run out of spaces by the 18th of March, and we will remove the option from the website once that happens. So registering NOW will prevent heartbreak and disappointment.  We envisage that there will be a black market for tickets, and possible forgeries on sale by ticket touts, but Interpol has promised a strong presence on the day, to prevent such illegal (IB) activity. Register for dinner the legal way!  Say no to organized crime, even if it is an aspect of International Business, broadly defined.


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