Do you think cumulative research that (re)tests existing theory is important? Do you believe replication studies and tests of published theoretical models are lacking in the management discipline? If you answered yes, JOMSR is for you!

We are excited to announce the launch of the newest journal from the Southern Management Association (SMA, home of the Journal of Management): the Journal of Management Scientific Reports (JOMSR).

The core mission of JOMSR is to publish rigorous empirical research designed to provide evidence that confirms, refines, or refutes existing theories – for example, constructive replications, critical tests of competing theories, meta-analyses designed to test theory, testing of published theoretical models, and empirical explorations of theoretical assumptions underlying existing theories. JOMSR is a general management journal, which scope encompasses a wide range of macro and micro management topics, including of course all of international management; both quantitative and qualitative data and methodologies are welcome.

The founding editorial team who will work to build the journal and who await your best research submissions include:

·       Professor Maria Kraimer (Rutgers University), Editor-in-Chief (micro research)

·       Professor Xavier Martin (Tilburg University), Senior Associate Editor (macro research)

·       Professor William (Bill) Schulze (University of Utah), Associate Editor (macro research)

·       Professor Scott Seibert (Rutgers University), Associate Editor (micro research)

JOMSR will be published by SAGE Publications.

Our goal is to have the JOMSR submission system open by May 1, 2022.

In the meantime, you can learn more about JOMSR at its temporary website:

Feel free to reach out to me or any of the editorial team members above with any questions about the journal or a potential submission.

And, start working on that “theory (re)testing” study you’ve always wanted to do! I look forward to receiving your paper submission.


Xavier Martin

Research Professor, Tilburg University

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